10 Interesting Facts about Libraries and Librarians

Interesting Literature

Great facts about famous libraries and librarians around the world

We thought it was about time we saluted that noble institution, the library, with some of our favourite interesting bits of trivia about libraries and librarians.

Jacob Grimm, Philip Larkin, Casanova, David Hume, Jorge Luis Borges, and Lewis Carroll all worked as librarians.

Another word for a librarian is ‘bibliothecar’.

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My first ever fictional story!

A Blast Of Random

“What do you miss most about your city?”

She almost didn’t hear the question as she gazed into nothingness. She was suddenly jolted back to the present and to reality. It was too crowded, too noisy, too dark, too … everything. She couldn’t think for a minute and seeing her confused expression her friend repeated the question a little louder this time, “I asked what you missed most, about home, I mean.”

Finally, it seemed like she understood the question. Smiling wistfully, she said, “That’s a difficult question, you know. There’s no single thing I miss the most, there are so many. I miss the smells of the city, which change as the city changes. One moment you smell the delicious aroma of roadside bhajjis and wadas, and the next you smell some expensive perfume from the highly sophisticated women walking past, and the very next, you smell garbage…

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Flashback 2015

Another year gone by; its been an important one. I’ve gained and lost a lot. I would like to believe I’ve become more responsible, but then maybe not 😛
Its been a good year. I went to Montreal for an internship (about which, I now realize, I’ve written nothing) and I survived in temperatures of -24 degrees (me! who feels cold in Mumbai too) and I loved it. I learnt so many things, about people but especially about myself. It was a great opportunity for me and an experience I’ll cherish all my life. I made new friends, experienced a new culture. My work there gave me an idea about what I could do in my future.
I came back to the sweltering summer in Mumbai and felt right at home again; I completed my dissertation and earned my postgraduate degree. Then I spent almost three months on a blissfull break where I didn’t do much except read, watch movies and occasionally worry about what I wanted to do next.
Then, I got a job! I couldn’t really believe it myself, but now I do. I learned English all over again 😛
I also lost someone very dear to me and that’s changed me too I think.
I made new friends, reconnected with some old ones.
All in all, its been a good year (except for one thing).
I also read some great books The Martian, A song of Ice and Fire, The Godfather), watched some great movies (The Martian), and watched Game of Thrones.
Its been an eventful year and important in many ways.
The next year’s going to be good too, I hope. Personally, I don’t know. But there are a few things I’m looking forward to: 2016 is the year of superhero movies, GOT season 6, hopefully Winds of Winter (the book), ICC World T20 in India, I hope to finish my Goodreads challenge (I haven’t been able to this year), and finally I hope to write more posts (lets see how that goes) 🙂 That reminds me, Ravenclawsam is supposed to start something pretty cool. Just saying, Sam 😛
Happy New Year, everyone and I hope you have a great year ahead!
See you next year 🙂

Live Another Sol

Hello, people! Long time no see (my fault, I know). I had something really important to say so I started writing straightaway.
Have I ever mentioned before that Mark Watney is Supermegafoxyawesomehot? Well, he is.
I don’t know how many of you know him but he’s the guy who was stranded on Mars for a year and a half and made it back alive. And now you know that he’s fictional (arent’t all the best guys?) because no one’s actually been stranded on Mars like that. Anyway, I’m rambling. Let’s get to the point.
When The Martian came out as a movie I was really excited to see it because it had such a great story ( plus Matt Damon). I loved the movie; so when I found out that it was based on a book, I obviously wanted to read the book too. Well, I did. Just finished it, infact, and started writing this post immediately.


Have you watched the movie or read the book? If not, please do both immediately. Especially the book. It’s one of those books that I’m glad I bought because now I can go back to it anytime I want. I don’t say this about a lot of books, so this is major for me.
The best thing about the book is Mark Watney. He is one of my favourite protagonists now. He is witty, brave, optimistic and really really smart, brilliant actually.
I think I liked the book so much because of the way its been written and Mark’s perspective on life. He just doesn’t give up! He screams and curses when something goes wrong ( and a LOT of things do), but then he calms down and THINKS and finds a solution. Watney can teach us so much.
One of his important nuggets of wisdom is this-


The book is about him being stranded on Mars and struggling to survive. But that’s not what you think about when you’re reading it. You’re thinking about what Watney will do next; after the first few pages you are absolutely convinced that if anyone can survive on Mars its Mark Watney. You’re rooting for him the whole way. He’s like a superhero, he can do anything. But, at the same time, he’s completely human. His instinct for survival is very strong, but he doesn’t lose himself in the ordeal. He is such a great character.
Andy Weir (the author) has also written great supporting characters: the people at NASA, Watney’s crew on Ares 3. Although its only Watney in the beginning, once he establishes contact with Earth the entire planet’s rooting for him. He gets a lot of help from the people at NASA and his crewmates actually agree to spend an extra year in space so they can come back and get him.
There is a paragraph at the very end which I absolutely loved:

  The cost for my survival must have been hundreds of millions of dollars. All to save one dorky botanist. Why bother?
  Well, okay. I know the answer to that. Part of it might be what I represent: progress, science, and the interplanetary future we’ve dreamed of for centuries. But really, they did it because every human being has a basic instinct to help each other. It might not seem that way sometimes, but it’s true.
  If a hiker gets lost in the mountains, people will coordinate a search. If a train crashes, people will line up to give blood. If an earthquake levels a city, people all over the world will send emergency supplies. This is so fundamentally human that it’s found in every culture without exception.

That’s the gist of it. We as individuals have an instinct for survival, which can inspire us to fight against all odds; we also have an “instinct to help each other,” which is at the core of our humanity.
Really, do read the book. It’s brilliant!
P.S. The title is a name that Watney thinks would be an “awesome name for a James Bond movie.”

Until the very end…

Welcome back to the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge! Today I’ll be answering the last question. I can’t believe I have now written 30 posts on Harry Potter. I am so glad I could do this challenge, thank you so much Leana at Short Story Long for starting it. Even though I couldn’t finish it in the stipulated 30 days, I am really proud of myself for having completed it 🙂 It was a lot of fun!
On to the question. The question for day 30 is: What effect has Harry Potter made on your life? How much does it mean to you?
Harry Potter means a lot to me and I am not just saying this. Over the course of this challenge I have been able to revisit the series and I have learned so much more, through my own answers and through the answers given by my fellow bloggers.
We are all agreed on the fact that Harry Potter has taught us a lot and everytime we read the series we learn something new. But I think the most important thing the series has given me is this connection with people across the world, people coming from different countries and different backgrounds.
It is overwhelming to know that so many people all over the world love this series just as much as I do. It has inspired so many people to read, to be creative, to change the way they think, to change the world they live in. Its amazing what a good book series can do.
The first time I encountered Harry Potter was when my parents took my sister and me to see the first film. It was supposed to be a children’s film with magic and all that stuff. So it was really my parents who introduced me to Harry Potter (I think they might even be regretting it a bit now seeing how crazy I am about it!). But honestly, I didn’t understand what the big deal was then.
It was because of my two best friends in school that I read the books. They kept pestering me about how awesome it was and I had to eventually give in. I am glad I did though. I would have missed so much! After reading the books there was no chance of looking back.
Harry Potter is a part of my life and it is always going to be.                          


This is going to be me 🙂

I use examples and analogies from the series all the time, I try to keep track of what the fandom is up to, it is my go-to series when I am not feeling great, it is a series whose characters have taught me a lot and who have inspired me too.
Thank you JKR for giving us Harry Potter!                     



The question for day 29 in the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge is: Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?
Really, is that even a question? I LOVED A Very Potter Musical!
The Harry Potter series has inspired a lot of people and the StarKid productions are Totally Awesome results of the series. The casting is spot-on, the music is great and the plots are perfect!
Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy is genius!


I loved Quirrelmort (is that correct?).


And Joe Moses as Snape! I keep saying “That’s absurd” every chance I get!
I have to say  that I liked the first part more than the next two (AVPS and AVPSY), but it is still one of the best off-shoots of the series.


One post to go! This was such a fun challenge and I’m glad I took it up 🙂 I’ll post the last answer soon. Until then go and watch AVPM if you haven’t already. If you have, well, watch it again!

Harry Potter 30 day Challenge: Day 28

Hello people! The question for day 28 in the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge is: Do you listen to Wizard Wrock? What do you think about it?
My answer for today is quite simple. I haven’t listened to Wizard Wrock. Not really.
When I saw the question here I went to YouTube to check but I didn’t listen to too many songs. But I would really like to. It’s amazing that there is an emtire genre of music inspired by Harry Potter!
I would really like some suggestions about Wizard Wrock songs and bands though 🙂