Flashback 2015

Another year gone by; its been an important one. I’ve gained and lost a lot. I would like to believe I’ve become more responsible, but then maybe not πŸ˜›
Its been a good year. I went to Montreal for an internship (about which, I now realize, I’ve written nothing) and I survived in temperatures of -24 degrees (me! who feels cold in Mumbai too) and I loved it. I learnt so many things, about people but especially about myself. It was a great opportunity for me and an experience I’ll cherish all my life. I made new friends, experienced a new culture. My work there gave me an idea about what I could do in my future.
I came back to the sweltering summer in Mumbai and felt right at home again; I completed my dissertation and earned my postgraduate degree. Then I spent almost three months on a blissfull break where I didn’t do much except read, watch movies and occasionally worry about what I wanted to do next.
Then, I got a job! I couldn’t really believe it myself, but now I do. I learned English all over again πŸ˜›
I also lost someone very dear to me and that’s changed me too I think.
I made new friends, reconnected with some old ones.
All in all, its been a good year (except for one thing).
I also read some great books The Martian, A song of Ice and Fire, The Godfather), watched some great movies (The Martian), and watched Game of Thrones.
Its been an eventful year and important in many ways.
The next year’s going to be good too, I hope. Personally, I don’t know. But there are a few things I’m looking forward to: 2016 is the year of superhero movies, GOT season 6, hopefully Winds of Winter (the book), ICC World T20 in India, I hope to finish my Goodreads challenge (I haven’t been able to this year), and finally I hope to write more posts (lets see how that goes) πŸ™‚ That reminds me, Ravenclawsam is supposed to start something pretty cool. Just saying, Sam πŸ˜›
Happy New Year, everyone and I hope you have a great year ahead!
See you next year πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Flashback 2015

  1. Yeah yeah okay..I was wondering if you were gonna do that actually- mention it subtly or whatever!
    Don’t worry! I’m on top of it, really this time. Check our my latest post- I have built up to it!
    Give me some credit!

    Also, I didn’t do my Goodreads challenge either and, in a weirdly selfish way, it feels good to know that I know someone who hasn’t either…

  2. Hahaha… Okay I’m sorry but 18 is really bad! I mean 24 is really bad but yesterday I thought, well at least it’s better than 20… But shit man!
    Next year, this can’t happen.
    I went from reading around 100 books a year to reading TWENTY FOUR!
    I am so ashamed πŸ™ˆ

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