The question for day 29 in the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge is: Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?
Really, is that even a question? I LOVED A Very Potter Musical!
The Harry Potter series has inspired a lot of people and the StarKid productions are Totally Awesome results of the series. The casting is spot-on, the music is great and the plots are perfect!
Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy is genius!


I loved Quirrelmort (is that correct?).


And Joe Moses as Snape! I keep saying “That’s absurd” every chance I get!
I have to say  that I liked the first part more than the next two (AVPS and AVPSY), but it is still one of the best off-shoots of the series.


One post to go! This was such a fun challenge and I’m glad I took it up 🙂 I’ll post the last answer soon. Until then go and watch AVPM if you haven’t already. If you have, well, watch it again!


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