Harry Potter 30 day Challenge: Day 27

The question for day 27 in the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge is: If you had to take a piece of your soul and place it in an inanimate object which do you choose?
Its an interesting question.
I think I would choose a book. I suppose it might be too obvious for anyone who knows me but then if I have to put a piece of my soul in it, it would have to be something that is important to me.
I don’t know which one though, too many options. My sister suggested one of the Harry Potter books, but that might put my soul in real danger because anyone could easily guess that!
So I choose a book, but not Harry Potter.                         


Could be any of these!

A book is quite a vague answer, I know. But it ensures the protection of my soul 😛
Three more questions to be answered. I am getting there!


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