Harry Potter 30 day Challenge:Day 20

It’s day 20 in the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge and the question for today is: If you got to meet one member of the cast, who would it be?
Another tough question! There are a lot of people I want to meet, starting with J.K.Rowling of course. So obviously I can’t choose only one member of the cast that I would like to meet. I’ll just name a few 😉
Let’s start with Alan Rickman! Who wouldn’t want to meet Alan Rickman! He is such an accomplished actor and his voice!


Then there’s Tom Felton ♡ He seems like a really nice person (from the videos I have seen anyway), quite unlike Draco and, well, he’s Tom Felton!


I would love to meet Emma Watson too. She was obviously great as Hermione and she has done some great work after that too. Her HeforShe campaign is also very inspiring. She is not only an actress but also a great example for women everywhere.


I am also going to include J.K.Rowling in this short list (the real list is quite long, believe me) even though technically she is not a part of the cast. But there wouldn’t be a Harry Potter if not for her!


She is such an amazing writer. We have all become a part of the world she has created, even though we come from completely different worlds ourselves.
There are so many others from the cast I would like to meet, but this is enough for now. Anyway, I would be completely awestruck if I did meet any of them, wouldn’t be able to say a word! That’s what happened at the Mumbai ComicCon last year. I was one of the people lucky enough to get an autograph from Mark Gatiss and I was super-excited. But when I went to get the autograph I could only manage a ‘Hi’ and a (I am sure) stupid smile. But I did get this!!


There, I have managed to sneak in the fact that I have Mark Gatiss’ autograph in a Harry Potter post 😉
Anyway, until tomorrow! The questions are getting tougher now!


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