Harry Potter 30 day Challenge: Day 17

Welcome back to the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge! I was a little busy yesterday so I couldn’t write the post for day 17. But I’m posting yesterday’s and today’s posts together now. The question for day 17 is: Favourite Harry Potter fan adaptation.
Honestly, I hadn’t seen any Harry Potter fan adaptations until recently. Even now the only adaptations I have seen are by Team Starkid. I’m sure you know which ones I’m talking about-A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel and A Very Potter Senior Year (though I have only seen half of this).
I have to say, I loved them! I especially liked AVPM. It was hilarious! My favourite characters are Lauren Lopez’s Draco,                         


Joe Moses’ Snape                             


and Joe Walker’s Voldemort. I loved Quirrell and Voldemort!


The sequel is pretty awesome too. Its amazing how well they have parodied the villains-you just have to love Voldemort and Umbridge in these.


That’s about all I knew about Harry Potter fan adaptations. But thanks to leana at Short Story Long I was introduced to a few more. If you haven’t read her post, read it here.
I saw the videos that she has shared too. From these I liked the short film I Ship It and the 99 second song on Harry Potter. The others are really great too!
Harry Potter fans are such incredibly creative people!


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