Harry Potter Challenge: Day 13

The question for day 13 in the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge is: Least favourite movie?
This is a tough question again! I don’t really have a least favourite movie. There is something or the other that I don’t like in every movie, they are adaptations after all. There is bound to be something missing. We are all agreed on the fact that books are always better than the movies. So for once I really don’t know what to answer.


But I do remember that I had felt really disappointed after watching the Half-blood Prince, and that kind of stuck in my head. Like I wrote before there are many scenes with the Horcrux memories that are missing in the movies and I really think they should have been included. Plus, Lavender and Won-Won become a little annoying in the movie. That’s true in the book too but there is a lot more humour attached to it in the book.
Also, that scene where Harry realizes that it was Snape who conveyed the prophecy that got his parents killed is missing (right? Its all jumbled in my head now), and the scene with Remus and Tonks in the end (sniff, sniff).
I think the problem was that I had been waiting to watch the movie for a long time and I had a lot of expectations from it. But those expectations were not met. So even though I have watched the movie so many times after that, it’s first impression has stayed the same.
Now, I don’t even mind it that much. There are some really good scenes in the movie too-the first scene with the bridge, a couple of Harry-Hermione scenes that I really like (‘But I am the chosen one’), the cave.
So there, I don’t have a least favourite Harry Potter movie. The Half-blood Prince is as close as it gets.
Until tomorrow!


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