Romione or Dramione?

Welcome back to the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge! The question for day 12 is: Favourite ship?
I have two answers for today! From JKR’s books its Ron and Hermione and from the world of fanfiction its Draco and Hermione!
This is a very recent development actually. I wouldn’t want JKR’s story to be changed in any way. But in my recently concluded semester we had to write a dissertation and one of my friends chose the subject of fanfiction. The genre itself is fascinating but I was more excited about the fact that she’d chosen Harry Potter fanfiction as her main example. That’s when I started reading Dramione fanfiction and I loved it (some of them are really well written).
I love Ron and Hermione and I think they really complement each other, especially book-Ron and Hermione.


Their relationship is gradual and based on a solid foundation of years of friendship, and constant bickering too.


But they are great together.
I really like the scene where Ron says Hermione instead of Lavender when he’s in the hospital (about time wasn’t it?).


This is exactly what I wanted to say!

But I also think that Draco and Hermione could have had a real chance if not for all the obvious societal restrictions, atleast in fanfictions they could.


Hermione is one of the few people who would probably understand the decisions that Draco has to take. She doesn’t come with all the prejudices about Muggleborns and Purebloods and her character is such a strong one that she could be the one to make Draco question his very upbringing, like she does in the fanfictions. Who better than Hermione, the brightest witch of her age and a Muggleborn, to make Draco realize that all these prejudices are baseless?
So there you go, that’s my answer for today!
Until tomorrow πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Romione or Dramione?

  1. I have to be honest, I have never read fanfiction, but “Dramione” is a concept that I really don’t understand. I like Draco well enough and get his “difficulties”, but pairing him with Hermione seems like something that ONLY fanfiction could do. They are not opposites in a good way, even taking out all his prejudice towards her, we’re still left with his despicable actions and way of thinking, just look at how Draco would treat an house elf, Hermione would never stand for that… I’m rambling (sorry!) πŸ˜‰

    • No worries! Rambling (especially about HP) is good! I’d never read fanfiction either, until a few months back that is. Some of it is…weird (I can’t think of another word). Plus I have only ever read Dramione. But I think the concept of Dramione,as you say, came up because it’s such a classic sort of pairing-enemies coming together and falling in love and all that. A lot of fanfiction writers also see a lot of redeeming qualities in Draco and sort of believe that if not for all the Purebloods are superior to everyone else nonsense that he’d been taught since childhood he would have been more accepting of everyone else and that explains his behaviour towards the others, house elves included. My friend,who has done some research on this like I said, also said that some writers seem to prefer Draco to Ron because he’s ‘intellectually’ more at par with Hermione or something, but I don’t agree with that at all. But seriously,fanfiction writers have quite an imagination (and I don’t necessarily mean this in a good way). I do find it interesting though, people can be so creative. Now I’m rambling too πŸ˜‰ And I agree with you..Dramione can only exist in fanfiction. I am always going to love Romione πŸ™‚

      • it’s not that i don’t see redeeming qualities in Draco, I do, just not enough, lol.

        fanfiction is an interesting sub-culture of fandom, though I have to admit, it’s not for me… I sometimes stumble through MALEC or Olicity fanfic on Tumblr, and sure, I read it, because they’re canon, but everything outside canon is kind of weird to me…

        But yeah, a whole lot of imagination… some very talented writers we have today began writing fanfic.

      • I know what you mean. That’s exactly why I had never read fanfiction before and even now I have only ever read Dramione. Its so weird reading non-canonical stuff because the canon itself is so developed.

  2. Lysandra Oinam says:

    I don’t know how it happens, but whatever ship I support is never going to be cannon. Take Pokemon for example, I support, Pokeshipping, which is Ash and Misty…….I even fight for it. Lol. But these days, the new generation kids prefer AMOURSHIPPING, which is Serena and Ash. I absolutely dislike it. (I’m supposed to discuss HARRY POTTER here n I’m doing Pokemon, lol)
    Most people go for cannons, but I’m a rebel πŸ˜‚. I go for ships which r not at all cannon, like GEEKCHICSHIPPING (also from Pokemon πŸ˜‚)
    But, i still don’t get why people say that Ron deserves Hermione…… believe me, I used to support Romione when I read the first book, n watched the first movie…the Leviosa part was cute but……when I read the rest, I kinda got the feeling that Dramione is the right one.
    Even JK Rowling supports Dramione.
    Even in the Yule Ball……Draco was staring at Hermione……
    See, if you say that Romione is better even when Draco is smarter….I say that Hermione deserves someone who is actually smart compared to her. U can’t just be happy when u have a life partner which is very weak in smartness as compared to u!
    I have read a lot of Dramione fanfics, people may say that fanfics r really bad cause they give u a whole new point of view about the characters, but NO! Some even say that Draco changes his character in the fanfics, that he becomes sweeter and is no more the REAL Draco, but I think that’s completely wrong!
    Won’t u change when u find out that u have been a douchebag for ages? That u have been taught the wrong thing by ur parents ur whole life?!?
    So it’s pretty obvious that Draco changes at least A LITTLE BIT after the war!
    But in most of the fictions DRACO DOESNT CHANGE! In most of the fanfics, Draco becomes head boy and hermione the head girl……
    N BTW, Draco deserves to be the head boy, he may be mean…..but after all he has gone through, he has changed….and above all, HE IS VERY GOOD IN STUDIES, especially in POTIONS.
    N according to most of the Dramione shippers, Draco didn’t tell his Father that it was Harry Potter in the last book when the golden trio was caught, cause he saw Hermione…..
    N it was only HERMIONE who stood against Draco…..yes guys, Hermione has even SLAPPED Draco (n punched in the movies) .She was as Smart as him, She was as BOSSY AS him!
    But above all, they were different, Their BLOOD! But Draco gets to know that the BLOOD STATUS thing is hopeless when he takes the side against the Death eaters!
    So, according to me, Draco will apologise to Hermione for calling her a MUDBLOOD all these YEARS…..and there it is! The start of Dramione.
    N JK Rowling never liked the idea of Romione….it was going to be HARMIONE but most fans prefer HINNY, which is Ginny and Harry.
    Won’t it be a shock to find out that the smartest witch of her generation would marry someone with less knowledge than She HAS?
    But just think,…… If Dramione ever occurs ,,,..won’t it be the beginning of a better HOUSE UNITY? The lion and the snake together? Slytherin and Gryffindor together?
    Just think about it!
    And couples with similarities yet different at the same time, are unique, indeed, very unique…and such relationships lasts forever…..Dramione!
    But take Ron for example…..He is HERMIONE’S best friend and becoming more than that can ruin their friendship…..n BFFs are the ones with A LOT of differences, n it is their differences that make them special cause even with that much differences, they are BEST FRIENDS! And in their case,.,,,,,u can’t see a single similarity πŸ˜‚See,,,,Best friends forever!
    If anyone got offended by what I just said then I’m Really Sorry….but u should not be offended cause it is my opinion…..we should respect other people’s opinions n see the situation from their point of view…..okay now……I hope u like what I said……😊😊😊😊😊

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