And I am most like…..

The question for today in the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge is: Which character would you say you are most like?
Well, J.K.Rowling has created some amazing characters so it’s a tough question. My friends would most likely answer this much better than I could. So I asked them! I got a lot of answers that surprised me- Luna, Lupin, McGonagall. This was only after asking two of my friends! I didn’t even ask the others!
Both of them seemed to agree on McGonagall though.


McGonagall is a great character and I love her. She appears quite strict (and she is sometimes) but she is also smart, responsible and caring (in her own way). She is always on the side of right and she doesn’t tolerate rule-breaking (unless absolutely necessary). It was only when my friends told me that I am like her that I realized it’s sort of true.
I had, on the other hand, thought that I might be a little like Hermione (my friends agreed on this too. Apparently I might be a little like a lot of characters!).
I always go to the library when I am in doubt 🙂


But that’s not the only thing that I can relate to. I can understand the importance of reading, of gaining knowledge. If I were to go into a world I knew nothing about, I would read everything I could about it too. I can relate to her loyalty to her friends and the importance she gives to family and friendships. I can also relate to her need to prove herself in a world so different than the one she has grown up in.
So I would say I am a little like both, McGonagall and Hermione. I love both of them. I admire their courage and strength and I’m happy that I am atleast a little like the two of them!
P.S. I took the Which Harry Potter Character are You? quiz on Buzzfeed (I suddenly remembered there are these quizzes)and got this-


By the way I agree with this too! I really do seem to be a little like a lot of characters 😉


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