The Marauder who shouldn’t have been…

It’s day 9 in the Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge and the question for today is: Who is your least favourite male character and why?
I am not really sure whom to write about. There’s Voldemort, for the obvious reasons, there’s Lockhart because he is just so annoying and is always taking advantage of others, then there’s Lucius Malfoy who is really cowardly in almost everything he does, there’s Fenrir Greyback.
But I think my least favourite male character is Peter Pettigrew a.k.a Wormtail.


For one he betrays his closest friends. But more than that, after meeting them again after so many years, after meeting Harry, he attempts to justify his actions. He does not think of correcting his past mistakes, because if he had chosen to do so, Remus and Sirius (and more than them, Harry) would have been far more forgiving. But he chooses not to do that.
He had a chance to become someone better but doesn’t take it. He prefers to live in fear of Voldemort instead of joining his friends, people who have known and loved him.
He teaches us that our choices really do matter and are the only things that can make or break our lives, and also of our loved ones.


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