I will not tell lies

Day 4 of the Harry Potter 30 day Challenge and the question for today is: Who is your least favourite female character and why?
There aren’t many female characters in the Harry Potter series who I can say I don’t like. There’s Umbridge, Bellatrix, and even Lavender (but she’s mostly annoying). Dolores Umbridge wins hands down amongst these I think.


I have never been able to understand how anyone can be like her. Its a credit to JKR’s writing that she could create a character that the readers might hate even more than Voldemort.


She writes about it perfectly in the chapter titled The Sorting Hat’s New Song:

Her voice was high-pitched, breathy and little-girlish and, again, Harry felt a powerful rush of dislike that he could not explain to himself; all he knew was that he loathed everything about her, from her stupid voice to her fluffy pink cardigan.

Well, my thoughts exactly! I don’t have better words to explain how I feel about Umbridge. Its because of how cruelly she behaves. She is a part of the Ministry of Magic but her way of implementing the ideas of the ministry are quite horrible. Her punishment for students is torturing them, in this particular instance she’s no different than the Death Eaters. Her methods would have made Voldemort proud. She could have been a great addition to the Death Eaters actually. But I guess she never got the chance, fortunately for Harry and Co.
She is also an excellent example of people who abuse the power they have in the worst possible ways.
Obviously the book gives us a more detailed version of the events that play out with Umbridge as the High Inquisitor. I love reading the parts with interactions between Umbridge and McGonagall (‘May I offer you a cough drop, Dolores?’).
But I have to say that Imelda Staunton has portrayed her perfectly in the movies. The fact that so many people don’t like her as a character in the movies too is proof enough that she’s done a brilliant job.
So that’s my answer for today! Who’s your least favourite female character?


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