“The stories we love best do live in us forever.”

Hello people!
So, like I wrote yesterday I am starting the Harry Potter 30-day Challenge today. But first I have to say a Very Happy Birthday to J.K.Rowling and our favourite wizard Harry Potter!! Thank you JKR for the awesomeness that is Harry Potter!


So  the question for today is: What is your favourite book?
Hmm…that’s a tough one. I mean, come on, how can I choose?
I am going to cheat a bit and choose two: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
The first one is a really obvious choice. It is the beginning of the series! Everything starts from there, we are introduced to this amazing new world and we get sucked right in. Its a wonderful experience reading it for the first time..visualizing Harry in his room under the stairs..seeing Hagrid crash through the door…the first shopping trip to Diagon Alley…the first glimpse of the Great Hall when you see it in your mind’s eye as you read..Transfiguration…Charms…Potions…Defence Against the Dark Arts. Everything is as new to us as it is to Harry and that’s the reason why the first book will always hold a special place in my heart. It is the doorway to the world of Harry Potter!
And I guess the second choice is pretty obvious too. It’s the last book in the series. It’s where everything comes together. Personally, King’s Cross and The Flaw in the Plan are two of my most favourite chapters in the entire series. The book gives me the satisfaction of being with Harry “until the very end”. J.K. Rowling’s writing is brilliant and she brings so many elements and aspects of the story together in the end.
By the seventh book we become a part of Harry’s world and it becomes our world.
The first book is a wonderful beginning and the last book a fitting end to the brilliance that is Harry Potter.
So, I’m going to have to say that Philosopher’s Stone and the Deathly Hallows are my favourite books in the Harry Potter series.
Which one is yours?
P.S. If you didn’t know already, the title is a quote by JKR.


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