Harry Potter Challenge

If you’ve read my last reblog you’ll know that I have decided to take up the Harry Potter Challenge which spans 30 days. It starts tomorrow.
I will be answering one question every day. I already know what I want to write for some questions and for others I’ll have to think a bit. But I am very excited!! And I fully intend to go through with this. The best part about it is that it is a HARRY POTTER challenge, really do you need another reason about why I am doing this?
But okay, there is another reason. I have never taken up a daily blogging challenge so it’s something new for me. Also since it requires me to answer only one question every day I am sure I can post atleast a paragraph (if not more) giving my answer.
Also do check out A Blast Of Random and Short Story Long who are also going to take it up.
So until the next post then, which is going to be tomorrow!


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