Learning from Ellen

Hello! So for this month’s Book Blogging Thingie I read Ellen DeGeneres’ Seriously…I’m Kidding. (Which was supposed to be titled Harry Potter and the Lord of the Twilight Trilogy πŸ™‚ Don’t you love it already?)Β Thank you so much Mia for recommending it! It is a great book.

Okay so technically I didn’t read the book, I listened to it. My very first audiobook and I’m glad it was this one, especially since Ellen herself was reading it. She is one funny person. Well, like my title says I learnt a lot from the book, from Ellen actually.

Here are a few things I learnt:

1. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.

2. You should live every day like its your first and last.

3. You can have a friend named Frond.

4. You should never be judgemental.

5. You should learn a foreign language, like Australian or British.

6. When making a bucket list the first thing on your list should be-Buy more buckets πŸ™‚

7. You can become a billionaire by earning a lot of money and spending none of it.

8. If you want to make a lot of money write a book about a teenage wizard vampire hobbit and make the books into movies.

9. You can NEVER eat almonds at a blackjack table.

10. You CANNOT have a book without a title.

I have listed only ten things here, but seriously, there is so much to learn from this book, I am not kidding. Hearing it in Ellen’s voice is even better because it feels like she is saying all of this to you specially. And she gives some great advice, Ellen does.

Of course because its an audiobook I couldn’t see all those colouring pages but I could hear the ocean when Ellen and I were meditating and I could hear the silence when she took a break so she could eat an apple. Listening to an audiobook is so great. Obviously it depends on what kind of a book it is. My recommendation to you would be to LISTEN to this book, it is a great experience. Even if you don’t listen to it, do read it, in whatever form. It is a book which will make you happy and it will make you laugh. And those are the best kind, right?

And remember

“You just have to keep driving down the road. It’s going to bend and curve and you’ll speed up and slow down, but the road keeps going.”

Until the next post. Don’t worry and be happy.


8 thoughts on “Learning from Ellen

  1. This is, according to me, one of the best posts you’ve written! πŸ˜€
    And I can have an opinion of that sort because I’ve read all your posts.
    Today I am visiting your blog (not through the reader, but proper visiting) and I saw that your calendar also says “July 2013” as the oldest which reminded me of how we had started blogging at the same time!
    Aren’t you glad we did?!? πŸ˜€

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