The game we love

Cricket fever is back! Well, if you live in India I guess you could say it never really goes away but anyway. The last few months haven’t been great for the Indian cricket team and definitely not for the Indian cricket fan. Very very honestly, I don’t want to hope too much.
But its the ICC Cricket World Cup! If you’re a true cricket follower you can’t really help being excited, and so I am too. Super excited, in fact!!
Its going to be a month of some great matches, there are bound to be some shocks and revelations too. But its all part of the game and I can’t wait for it to start 🙂
The last World Cup gave us Indians some really fond memories (hopefully, this one will too).
You see, even if I say I’m not hoping too much, I am eternally optimistic (as all Indian cricket fans tend to be eventually). So here’s wishing the Indian team best of luck! Fingers crossed for some great games 🙂
Until the next post.


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