“Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood.”

-John Green.


The One With F.R.I.E.N.D.S Again

Hello again!

This is my second FRIENDS post, as you must have guessed from the title. I had said I wanted to write about the characters but I am not going to. What I am going to write about is all (okay, almost all) my favourite parts of the series. First of all, this picture echoes my sentiments about the characters…..in fact it’s perfect!


I think I fell in love with the characters in the very first scene…especially Chandler with his “And I want a million dollars!” There are so many scenes I want to write about…one of my most favourite ones is where Phoebe is singing Smelly Cat and she asks the others to join in. It is so cute and Joey is just adorable. Phoebe’s songs are something else, huh? Like this one for example..

pheebs and then she startsfriends-phoebe-buffay-song-Favim.com-179158. Seriously though, who does this? Apparently Phoebe does. She does not live in any illusions!

Then there’s the scene where Phoebe tells Ross about how she never learnt to ride a bike and Ross gets her a bike exactly like the one she wanted when she was a little girl. That’s what friends are supposed to do for each other, of course later Ross tries teaching her and probably regrets getting the bike, but still. Also so many scenes with Joey and Chandler, Joey and Chandler with the duck and chick, Chandler telling Monica that they will have to keep a room above the garage for Joey, their foosball matches (“Italy vs China, apparently”) etc. etc. I am sure you have thought of a few more.

All the Thanksgivings and Christmases. The scene where the girls sit and watch TV in wedding dresses. When Phoebe gives birth to triplets (“Chandler is a girl!”). When Joey proposes to Phoebe when he thinks she’ll have to be a single mother ( and then asks for the ring back when he realizes it’s Rachel who is pregnant)..in this scene I loved Joey so much, he is the best friend a girl could have. All the scenes where each of the friends realizes the truth about Monica and Chandler…especially the scene where Ross comes to know, it is hilarious! (” My best friend and my sister!”). All the flashback scenes, I especially like The One That Could Have Been. Everyone looks so funny in these flashback scenes.

What were these two thinking??

What were these two thinking??

So many scenes where the friends are at work. Ross’s impromptu British accent, Rachel’s crush on her customer, Monica’s situation with her fellow colleagues, Joey’s many auditions, Chandler’s job which nobody understands. Oh and how can I forget the episode where Rachel and Monica lose their apartment in a game of ‘Who knows their friends better?’ It is quite an amazing game, and the number of things they know about each other!

Then comes the proposal! Monica and Chandler are so good together! They are both a little weird, I have to say, but together they are the best. Theirs is an ideal relationship I think, there is so much love and understanding (sniff, sniff..)

It can't get better than this!!

It can’t get better than this!!

And Ross and Rachel. Throughout the series their relationship sees so many ups and downs but their last scene together is just amazing! Ross talking on the phone and Rachel right behind him..I was thinking “Finally!”, just like many of you I am sure. Seriously these two take too much time getting to where they should have been right  from the beginning. But it’s worth the wait.

You know, though there is no romantic relationship between Phoebe and Joey, it is something special. They understand each other so well and they are,somehow, perfect for each other. I found this great picture which sums up these couples nicely.


It won’t do to forget Mike and Phoebe though. I had been waiting for Mike to come along for a really long time and I loved the way they have introduced him (Joey shouting “Mike!” in Central Perk). It was exactly like something that would happen to Phoebe, it was meant to be! And I think their relationship works so well because Mike’s normalcy perfectly balances Phoebe’s craziness. I loved the episode where they get married, it is so spontaneous and beautiful. Just look at them!

mike and phoebe

There are two other characters that I HAVE to mention. One is Gunther and the other is Janice. Gunther because he is there, even though in the background, for all the ten seasons. He has some really funny scenes and he even beats Ross and declares his love for Rachel before him.


And Janice because, well, she’s Janice. How can anyone forget her? Just ask Chandler, who tries so hard to forget her but keeps bumping into her. I think I am going to write my address as ’13, Yemen Road, Yemen’, whenever I don’t want to write my real one. The last scene between Janice and Chandler is, again, hilarious. Telling Janice he has always loved her…stroke of genius on Chandler’s part!


There is so much more I could write, so many scenes and dialogues. I have missed so many. But I have enjoyed writing this post a lot. It has been just as much for me as all of you because I just don’t want to let them go. I hope you have liked reading and reliving these scenes and all the others that you must have invariably thought of, as much as I have.

I love them!! Don't you?

I love them!! Don’t you?

Until the next post.

The One With F.R.I.E.N.D.S


Hey..How you doin’?

I am sure you know what the post is about. I have been planning on writing a post on F.R.I.E.N.D.S for ages. I watched the entire series this year, I started in May and, unfortunately, finished it in August.

When the series first started in 1994 I did not watch it because, well, I did not watch TV too much and I did not know English. It was in school when I first heard about the series and it was only in 2002-03 that I watched a few episodes of the ninth season. This year I got the series from a friend of mine and watched all ten seasons. It is one of those series that you just cannot let go of, you know, like Harry Potter.

It’s been two months since I watched the last episode but there is always something or the other that reminds me of the series. Plus it helps that my sister is currently watching it and is still on season seven. I am constantly reminded of scenes, dialogues, jokes from the series and I have a group of friends who are just as crazy as I am and we are always talking about HP and FRIENDS.

I can imagine why people would have watched it for ten whole years! I watched the series in four months, but to watch it one episode at a time for ten years, you can see how loved the series must be. Okay so there must be changes in the season ratings but you know what I mean. I think the series was so well-received because it showed real people, real problems and real lives. You can find Chandler, Monica, Ross, Joey, Rachel and Phoebe around you all the time. I have so many things to say, I don’t even know where to start.

I’ll start be saying that Chandler is my most favourite character but it is also true that I cannot choose which of the guys I like best. I like Phoebe and Rachel more than Monica but I love Monica-Chandler. So you see it is not easy to choose! I’ll just have to say that I love all six characters because they bring so much to the show.

I saw The One Where It All Began again today and so much about the characters is shown in the very first episode. Phoebe, who is so weird and quirky, Rachel,who is discovering herself , Monica, who seems so sure of herself and yet has self-doubts, Ross, who is so geeky, Chandler, who is sarcastic and funny on the surface but so much more, and Joey, who is so adorable! The best thing about all of them is that they are so different, but are so comfortable and at ease with each other. There are no secrets amongst them and they are always there for one another. There is always this comfort when you know that there are people who know you so well that you don’t have to pretend around them at all-that’s the way they are with each other.

I want to write a bit about each of the characters too, so I am going to write another post about it because otherwise this post would become too long. I am going to end this post for now but I would like to say that I think it was a good thing that I did not watch this series before. I can relate to the characters much better today than I could have some years back. Even though it’s true that a lot has changed since the series ended, there are so many things that haven’t changed, like, friendship, relationships, jobs, struggles, happiness, and like Joey would say ‘having and sharing and loving and receiving’ :-).

Until the next post then.