On Friendship

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I go to my friends.”

     -Virginia Woolf

I didn’t even realize that it’s Friendship Day tomorrow until I read about it in the paper today. It just struck me because I have been, coincidentally, thinking about my friends a lot these past few days (and I have been watching a lot of FRIENDS too). 

When we were in school, Friendship Day was a grand affair. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and every year there was always very serious discussion about whether we are to celebrate it on the earlier Friday or the next Monday. But whatever we may decide, everyone was always pretty excited about it. Shopkeepers would start putting up all these colourful friendship bands and gifts and what not a week prior. Different coloured ribbons with “Best Friends Forever” or “To a Special Friend” written over and over again. The most popular colours being red and pink. There were also single bands and rings available to give to your most special friends. It was all very interesting. Of course, Friendship Day is still celebrated with just as much fervor, it’s just that I seem to have grown out of it. But even if me and my friends might not actually tie bands on each others wrists, the meaning of friendship has only deepened for us I think.

A lot of things are changing for us now. They have been changing for the past year but in the coming year I don’t know where we’ll all be. Two days ago I met up with a group of friends from my junior college days. We have been friends for 6 years now. And even though we haven’t been in touch every day we have been a part of each others lives. In fact I met one of my friends after one whole year but it did not seem that long at all. Now everyone is thinking about their futures, they are moving away for studies and jobs and everything seems to be changing suddenly. The friends I met every day for three years only meet once in a few months now. Most of us are in our final year of post graduation, who knows where we will all be this time next year?

Even being in the same city does not guarantee us meeting. The thing is till last year even if we were not together we were aware of where each one was and we knew when we could meet up. But now everyone’s looking at different options, some of us are thinking of going to other states and countries for further studies. Obviously all these changes are good, they are just a lot to take in sometimes. My friends, especially, are very important to me. I am sure everyone will say this. But I would like to say that I appreciate and thank my friends a lot because they have been extremely supportive of me and have really helped me to become a better person. 

Today of course being in contact is not at all difficult. There’s e-mail, facebook, watsapp and so many other ways. But being with friends is something different. It’s going to be alright though. I know that my friends will always be there for me wherever they may be and I hope they know that I’ll be there for them too. So heres to one of the most beautiful relationships in the world….Happy Friendship Day!!!