Summer Memories….

It has been a long and fun weekend, which is why I couldn’t post before. This weekend has made me reminisce a lot. It has made me think of the good, old days (makes me feel old!!). The days are not so old but they are a part of my amazing childhood. The nineties!! Summer holidays in the nineties were great fun. 

It all started when my cousin came to stay at my place this weekend. We were talking about our favourite movies and two of our most favourite movies are Dil To Pagal Hai (DTPH) and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ). We were talking about how long it had been since we had watched either, and guess what? I switched on the T.V. and there was DTPH!! The great thing was that the movie had just started. So, obviously, we watched the whole movie. It was so amazing especially because it felt like old times. It had been so long since we had sat together and watched a movie. When I was in school I used to go to my aunt’s place during the vacations and all of us cousins had loads of fun. We don’t really have summer vacations any longer. 

Our favourite past time was, ofcourse, eating. My aunt used to make all sorts of dishes and we ate a lot. Even my mom made all kinds of special food in the vacations. When my cousins visited we went to the beach, played in the water and at the end of it, ate chaat, sev puri, paani puri, bhel!!! When we were at home we watched movies or listened to songs on audio cassettes. My sister has a whole drawer-full of audio cassettes at home, but sadly no one listens to them anymore. Another thing about those cassettes was that many of them had the lyrics of all the songs on their covers. I’ve learnt so many songs from those covers…

The movies! We were all crazy about Shah Rukh Khan, absolutely crazy!! We watched his movies, sang and danced to his songs. Recently at the Mirchi Music Awards, SRK was given the Face of Romantic Songs award and as a kind of salute upcoming singers and older singers sang many of his most famous romantic songs. It was such an experience! Ten or fifteen minutes of songs and a whole two decades of memories! Wow!! SRK was THE romantic hero. When he stood with his hands spread out in that classic pose of his, so many girls dreamed of running into his arms.




I just remembered something else! When I went to Switzerland a couple of years back, we went to Jungfraujoch and I was sooo happy to see this…


A cut-out of Kajol and Shah Rukh in DDLJ


You cannot think of the nineties in India and especially in Bollywood without thinking of Shah Rukh. In recent years that craze has diminished a lot, but the performance at the awards reminded me why I liked him so much before.

Summer holidays (and school days too) meant watching cartoons. The old Cartoon Network, not the new short form one. I miss the old one so much–Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo, Tom and Jerry, Captain Planet, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Loony Tunes, The Road Runner Show, Dexter, The Power Puff Girls, Flintstones and Pokemon!!! Am I missing anything? Those were the days…(sigh..)


This is the only Cartoon Network for me


Summer evenings were spent in playing badminton, going to parks. And swings!! I love swings.It was so irritating to read ‘Children above 12 years not allowed on swing’ in later years. I have never understood why people have to categorize something as awesome as swings into age groups. Anyway.

As I was saying, I remembered a lot of my childhood in the past weekend. And it felt great. People say we should always move forward towards the future. But, I think, whatever we know and whoever we are is because of our past. We don’t have to sit wallowing in or regretting our past but once in a while if we look back at our happy memories I think they will give us the strength to go forward. Because they remind us that we were happy once and we can be happy again.

So be happy and have an awesome week ahead. Until the next post.


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