” Abhi mujhme kahin baki thodisi hai zindagi, Jagi dhadkan nayee jaana zinda hun main toh abhi.” ( There is still a little life remaining in me, There has awoken a new heartbeat in me, I realize that I am still alive.)

This a song from the movie Agneepath. It has been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and sung by Sonu Nigam with music composed by Ajay and Atul Gogavle. The translation you see here is by me. Translation takes away the impact of the song, but it is essential to understand the meaning, so…The actual hindi song is absolutely beautiful, it’s mersmerising. It’s one of my most favourite songs ever!! And Sonu Nigam’s voice…!!!  

The inspiration for this post came from WordPress’ ‘Inspire me!’ ( I am not feeling very inspired at the moment). It said that I should write my favourite line from a song I love and elaborate on it. I immediately thought of this song and specifically these lines. Isn’t it kind of funny? These lines give me hope when I am feeling, like I said, not very inspired about what I am doing. When everything is lost, there is that one small ray of hope somewhere. It makes us realize that there is still something we can do, there is always something to live for. Even if you are feeling absolutely alone, you have yourself to think of and live for. Our life does not come easy and we can be a little selfish sometimes. Just a little, though.

So it’s good to know that there is still something to live for. Hope for a better tomorrow and hope for a better post next week 🙂
Until next week then…


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