All was (and still is) well

It’s all over the news that J.K.Rowling said in a recent interview that she would have liked it better if Harry and Hermione had ended up together. She said that it was more ‘wish fulfillment’ than anything else that Ron and Hermione are together in the end. The statement created a lot of uproar in the HP fandoms, obviously. 

What I didn’t understand is why she would want to change something so important now, after almost 6 years since the last Harry Potter book was published. For me, the story ended there and I liked the way it ended too. While saying this I do agree that it is very interesting to read about Harry Potter and other related stories even after all these years.  But that does not change the original story for me in any way. I think that the books were perfect, the movies are another story though ( Why did Harry and Voldemort have to have that fighting sequence in the end, when they so obviously had awesome spells? Why weren’t so many of the horcrux memories shown in the sixth movie? Why wasn’t the last fight in the Great Hall, like in the books? It would have looked amazing on screen.) I should stop, I could really go on and on.

Back to my point here, I just think that once an author has written a story, and such an immensely successful one at that, why get into it again? Ofcourse, I realize that it is the author’s creative right and all that, but I still don’t agree. Plus Rowling was not talking about something very secondary, she was talking about the main characters! 

I haven’t found, in any of the seven books, even an inkling of a doubt as to who Hermione would be with in the end. I have always believed it to be Ron. Harry was always her friend, he calls her a sister. But Ron, wasn’t the fact that they were so often at each others throats proof enough that they would end up together? It does become kind of obvious as the series progresses.

For me,  it is ‘Romione’ all the way!! They do suit each other, Ron is so obviously funny, so uninterested in studies, Hermione on the other hand is studious. They complement each other in these regards. They are both so brave and they have been through so much together that I wouldn’t have expected any other end to their story. 

All this ranting done, I can finally talk about the ‘little’ truth that has come to my notice today . In a recent article on MuggleNet they have put up the actual interview that happened and Rowling doesn’t mean exactly this, apparently. You can read the interview here.

I think you will realize that she isn’t talking about changing the ending at all, but about how compatible the characters are. And I have to agree, Harry and Hermione are definitely more compatible than Ron and Hermione. But, like I mentioned, the differences between Ron and Hermione make them better-suited. After all don’t we say ‘opposites attract’? That’s my way of thinking anyway. Compatibility obviously goes a long way in building and maintaining a relationship and that is what makes Harry and Hermione’s friendship so much more important. Like Rowling says, it is Hermione who is with Harry every step of the way. It is because they were so similar in many ways that they have such a strong relationship. But, Ron and Hermione needed each other in a way. They needed each other to balance themselves and they made each other better people. 

She talks about this one scene in which Harry and Hermione are dancing in the tent after Ron has left. I am one of those people who really liked that scene. But for me, the scene was more a proof of how much Harry and Hermione mean to each other and how strong their relation is than a scene where you wonder ‘what could have been’. It is a beautiful scene. There is this innocence in it, especially Harry’s because he knows how much Ron’s leaving has hurt Hermione and how much she misses him. The little dance is a very sweet effort  to cheer her up because he does not like the way she has become, all subdued and lost. That is not the Hermione he knows.

That’s my take on things, then. Rowling talks about a little bit of counselling that they might have needed. I think Harry would have been good enough as a ‘counselor’ for them. Who knows them better than they do themselves, after all? Harry is a pretty balanced character in that sense, he has traits that both Ron and Hermione have and he is such a great friend. They wouldn’t have had to look too far for support if they did have problems in their marriage.

So everyone can be at peace now because Ron and Hermione are still together and everything is well in the wizarding world. That makes our Muggle world a little more happier too, doesn’t it?

Until next week then.




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