Being Sporty….

Its kind of obvious from the title that I am going to write about sports.The reason I thought of writing about it is simply because I realized today how much I missed watching cricket. Having lived in Mumbai my entire life, cricket has always been a part of my life.Mumbai has a very rich cricketing culture and this English sport has been very enthusiastically followed from the time of its introduction.

The Indian cricket team has now won two World Cups (I am never going to forget April2,2011!!).I have become so used to having some or the other cricket match being played that I have missed it a lot in the past couple of months when the team hasn’t played many international games.Now that an ODI series with Australia is starting this week,I am feeling quite at home again.It wasn’t always like this,you know.I used to think it was quite a waste of time watching one person bowl and the other hit the ball with a bat.But,cricket finally did catch up with me,after all being an Indian and,especially, a Mumbaikar tends to do that to you.

But this post is not about cricket really.If you have noticed,the title says Being Sporty,so obviously I am going to mention a few other sports I enjoy watching. 

We had gone to Holland a couple of years back and the FIFA World Cup was going on.We happened to be in Amsterdam on the day of one of Holland’s matches in the World Cup.Everywhere we looked we saw people (lots of them) and orange–orange t-shirts,orange flags,orange streamers,orange garlands(you get the idea).Orange being the colour of the Holland team.It was amazing…there was a big screen put up in one of the square and there were loads of people milling about.The match hadn’t started yet but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.We were told later by our guide that Amsterdam is quite well-known for traffic but the only reason we travelled without a hitch the entire day was the match! Later we found that Holland had won the match and I couldn’t help imagining how that square with the big screen would look like now after the result.

I can actually imagine what happens when a team wins because of the World Cup win in 2011. I am never going to forget the look on Dhoni’s face when he hit that last six! He looked totally stunned at the magnitude of what the team had achieved (I better stop writing about this because I will ramble on and on and completely be off my point here).

Watching a tennis match is just as exciting.I remember one particular match between Nadal and Djokovic,it was the semi-final of the Australian Open,I think.And it was an awesome match,they played five sets and it was amazing to watch them both.That match (along with many others) showed the true mettle of both players.Djokovic won, (again) I think.

And,I can’t resist not mentioning this (even if its not really played or even if it is,I wouldn’t know because sadly I have come to accept that I am a Muggle) Quidditch!! It is one of the most exhilarating sports to watch. Fourteen players flying all over on broomsticks,nasty bludgers coming your way,the three goal hoops and the golden snitch fluttering at top speed….I mean, what’s not to like about it? The Quidditch World Cup shown in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with its amazing stadium!!! (Again I am likely to get carried away,so I’ll stop here).

There are so many sports played all around the world,I have mentioned only a couple I really like. There are also some,like golf and fencing, which even after trying I haven’t understood. So I won’t talk about those.

The whole point about this post is just that I realized I wanted to write about some of the sports I liked. So I did.

Until the next post then…