Songs for Life

Being from a country that has such a rich culture of cinema,it is very natural that I have such a liking for good movies and more than that good songs.

Bollywood has given us so much , especially in terms of music and songs.There is a song for every occasion.Be it a wedding song(there has to be atleast one),a love song,a happy song,a sad song,a song for a sister,a song for the parents,a song for friendship and many more.These songs have become such an integral part of our lives.

I have read quite a few articles on the benefits of music in our lives and all that.But what I am talking about here is specifically Bollywood songs.All of us have a song which,in some way or other relates to us or our life.Many of these songs have wonderful memories attached to them and you can’t help but smile when you hear them.

And then there are those songs which you absolutely DO NOT like,because of their lyrics (munni badnaam or sheela ki jawaani are those kind of songs for me,I mean seriously,what exactly  do those lyrics mean huh?),or because of their music or anything really.These are especially those songs which you just cannot get out of your head,once you make the mistake of hearing them.But then again,these songs are just as popular,sometimes more than the really good ones.

Nonetheless,these songs are kind of nullified in the total variety of songs that Bollywood has to offer.Some of them are just so beautiful! Especially when they have the right kind of lyrics,the right kind of music,the right kind of singer,these are the songs that are just right.You won’t find a thing to complain about them.

Bollywood songs form an absolute integral part of most Indians lives,mine included.I find myself humming some song or the other,always.Infact one of my friends (she has a really nice voice,too) knows so many hindi songs that she can remember a song from some random word we speak in normal conversation! So,we have had  many occasions when she simply starts singing and the rest of us are kept wondering as to where that’s coming from.

It’s amazing really that just one song can make us feel better about something or even ourselves.We  have soooo many good singers and sooo many good lyricists.I mean,really,I don’t know how to appreciate this fact in any more words.But I think most of you will agree that we have a rich musical culture and it’s still a very important aspect of our lives.Where would we be if not for all the beautiful melodies?

I have heard so many songs from years ago and they are still just as loved,if not more.The situations and the stories for most songs might have changed a lot today but I would still say that there is some great music being made even now.I am no musician or singer but I am definitely someone who likes music and appreciates it.And I would say that there are always going to be songs in Bollywood which are for life.

Oh and since it’s Friendship Day today,this goes out to all my friends…….

Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge

Todenge dum magar

Tera saath na chodenge….’

That’s it for today!




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