Just a Moment

It takes only a moment,doesn’t it?

It takes only a moment to make you laugh,to make you cry,to make you fall in love (no personal experience there I’m afraid!).It really takes only a moment to make or break lives.

It is also only a moment which we have to look forward to in life.Everyday there is (and should be) something to look forward to.If there isn’t you are not really living the right way.All of us have these ‘moments’ in our life which somehow change us and maybe even come to define us.Its like in the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati, “Ek sawal apki zindagi badal sakta hai”.The ‘sawal’ is also that one moment,isn’t it?

I know,I’m writing too much about moments.But its just something that got me thinking today.We live our lives in such a hurry nowadays that we do not take the time to acknowledge these moments.They just pass us by.We no longer live in the moment.Stress and worry are our constant companions.We are either regretting our past or planning our future.What about the present? We are always finding something to complain about…’Its raining!,The roads are going to be so dirty.’ But what about the pleasant smell of the earth when it rains,the beautiful clouds,the greenery,the breeze?Why doesn’t anybody think about these things? These are the experiences which give us our cherished ‘moments’.Is it really so difficult to just stop and think?

I’m sure there are a lot of people saying the same things.Infact in todays times there are an increasing number of people wondering about this,writing books about our stressful life and overcoming it.I don’t really mean to do anything of the sort.

I think seriously,sometimes.And,believe me,I surprise myself too.But That’s the reason I’ve started writing this blog,to be able to write what I feel about anything and everything.

Lets hope my next post will be on something a lot less serious and philosophical.I’m not really that kind of a person.

Till the next post then.


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