Start of Something New…….

It’s been a really long vacation with nothing much to do.But,finally,my classes are starting!

Since I am now doing a course in English Literature,I am supposed to know a whole lot of things.If you were to ask me about microorganisms,plasmids,DNA,glycolysis etc. etc.,I am sure I’d be able to tell you something about all these topics.Now,what I am supposed to study is criticism and literature,drama and poetry,cinema and novels.

I am definitely excited about the prospect of learning all of this.But,it is going to take a lot of effort.And I mean A LOT. I had never heard half the words my classmates were saying today!.One of my professors from my science college told me that he appreciated my guts for taking english after graduating in science.I didn’t really think it was such a big deal then,but I am most definitely realising that it is.

It is going to be a very very interesting year.I am sure of that.It’s just that I am hoping my primary purpose of opting for a postgraduation in literature is fulfilled.That primary purpose,by the way,is to actually feel excited and interested in my field of study.

I am going to be reading some of the ORIGINAL works of Shakespeare.Not the adaptations or the simplified versions.I am not really sure if I will understand everything but it is a very good opportunity to try something new.That’s what I am going to do now.

Let’s see.Maybe my next post will be a review on the works of Shakespeare? If i understand enough to write about it,that is…

I think I will be more empathic now towards people who are opting for something new or different than their normal careers or even life.It is certainly the start of something new for me and I think I’ll manage just fine.


4 thoughts on “Start of Something New…….

  1. anagha acharekar says:

    Wow tanvi u sound so professional already. This doesn’t seem like ur first blog. Bravo!!! I dont know much bout litreture. But it seems like u have A long way to go. But I m glad u are exited about ur new career. I wish u luck. May u prosper in all walk of life. We all are so proud of u.

  2. Vinaya says:

    Hey titoo!!
    I am so happy to read your blog!
    I liked all the posts very much.
    looking forward to read the next one! 🙂
    All the best!! I am sure you will do great.

  3. Daksha says:

    I cant believe this post is frm 2013 and iam reading this NOW..!
    How much hv i missed..
    Just like i do evrything late in life( reading Harry Potter ),forgive me for missing out on ur amazing writing for so long.
    But I am doing it now n iam glad .Jus as glad as I am seeing you in this field.😍😘

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