My very first blog!

Blogging is something relatively new for me.But,it seems like a really good platform for sharing my views on,well,everything.

So,what should my first ever blog be about?

I think a good place to start would be writing about why I am blogging in the first place.The reason is a really simple one,actually.I am blogging because I want to write.For the past 5 years of my life I haven’t done much of writing .Well,I guess you could consider all the exams I have written because they do take a certain amount of skill,especially when you have very little idea about what exactly the answer to a particular question is! It’s a writing tactic that most students are familiar with,I’m sure.

Now,after having studied science for 5 years,I have made the extremely odd and unexpected,atleast in my circle,decision of choosing a completely unrelated field of literature.I have always liked English literature but I never looked at it as something I could do in the long term.

But,I guess it’s better late than never,especially to do what you like.So,I have made my decision and I am planning to make the best of it.It is,after all,very rewarding if one works in the field of one’s liking.Then work doesn’t feel like work at all.I am just really hoping that this will be the best decision I’ve made till now.

I will stop at that,I think.More about everything later.



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